Stamped Decorative Concrete, Pros and Cons

Concrete is often used for driveways, outdoor patios, garages or indoors in warehouses or large spaces. Stamped Decorative Concrete is a great material for flooring because it is easier to maintain and is more durable than other flooring options. Concrete typically minimizes dust, which is great for maintaining allergies and is easy to clean. It [...]

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Cement Driveway, How To Protect It From The Weather

The weather can sometimes play foul when it comes to a cracking cement driveway, porch, patio and more, so you should always think about ways that you can protect it from the elements. The best way to protect your cement driveway from the weather is to seal it. If you have a cement driveway, patio, [...]

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Cement Porch, How Does The Cold Affect It?

If you are having a new cement porch put in in the colder months, or If you had one put in when it was warm but are now worried about the effect the chilly weather will have on it don’t worry. Cement, or concrete, can be poured in the winter and it will cure. It [...]

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Cement Driveway, How Can I Update It?

Cement driveway can sometimes turn stale over time, a normal grey slab is practical but sometimes you want to add a little flare or spruce up your property without pouring an entirely new driveway. Updating the cement driveway at your property can be cheaper, quicker, and less of a hassle than you might think. There are [...]

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Garage Floor and Foundation, What Are They?

Garage floor and foundation are typically made of concrete, as concrete is durable and easy to maintain. However, in order to preserve your garage floors from oil spills, tread marks and footfall, it’s a good idea to provide a better foundation for your garage. You can choose to coat or cover your garage floors to protect [...]

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Concrete Driveway, Can It Be Resurfaced?

Concrete driveway resurfacing is a wonderful way to renew your current driveway without having to go through the effort, time, and money of replacing the entire thing. Resurfacing is basically taking the top layer of cement off and replacing it to look and function like new. This method is preferred for customers who want to [...]

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Stamped & Decorative Concrete, Can You Paint It?

Stamped & decorative concrete is a popular alternative to plain cement structures. Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned, embossed, or textured. This can be made to look like tile, wood, brick, slate and more without having to use those materials. Decorative concrete is made to enhance the aesthetics of the space, and can be [...]

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Patios, The Best Type of Concrete Design

Concrete is a great option for flooring because it is easier to maintain and is more durable than other flooring options. Concrete typically minimizes dust, which is great for maintaining allergies and is easy to clean – simply hose it down with some soap and water. It can also withstand heavy objects being dragged or [...]

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Cement Driveways Pros and Cons

Cement driveways are the most common type of driveways for both residential and commercial properties. When selecting material with which to pave your driveway, it’s smart to look at the pros and cons of both. Typically, driveways are made of either asphalt or cement. Though cement driveways are typically more expensive than others, they generally [...]

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