What is Tuck Pointing?

Tuck pointing is the process of filling the space between brick and mortar to resemble fine joints in the brick. This is done to brick used in walls, chimneys or fireplaces, and acts as a barrier from moisture, insects and other elements that might make their way through your brick. This preserves the quality and strength of your brick while giving it an appealing finish.

Tuck pointing is beneficial because it preserves the lifespan of your brick wall or chimney. Though brick takes years to wear down, mortar doesn’t, and the time it takes to wear away depends on how much it is affected by external forces such as bad weather and moisture. By restoring the mortar every so often, you’ll maintain the durability of your brick and preserve the structure. When you notice your mortar is starting to wear away, remove it and fill in the grooves with new mortar to match the original color. The mortar used to pack the joints does not need to match the brick, yet the mortar used to fill in the remaining space should. Use the tuck pointer to completely pack the joints. Packing in the mortar will close any gaps between the brick joints, decreasing the likelihood of your brick being worn down and damaged. Though the tools used for tuck pointing vary, these days a tuck pointer is typically made of steel.

Not only is this process meant to preserve your brick, but it also gives your brick an aesthetically pleasing look by creating a seamless finish. Tuck pointing is very cost-effective; it’s a way to refresh the look of your brick while protecting the structure, without having to tear down the entire wall and begin again.

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