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Concrete Garage Floors / Foundation with D&G Cement Co.

The home’s garage is the place where you park your vehicle and is often a place of safekeeping for your personal items. The floor and the foundation of your garage is poured concrete. D & G Cement company has 50 years of experience with garage floors and foundations.

We can help recommend the size and location of your garage so that it fits your needs. When building a new garage first we pour the concrete foundation, followed by the floor. The foundation is the underground support for your garage floor and the future structure. A properly installed foundation will help keep your structure from moving. The foundation requirements are different for each city but typically 42 inches deep of in-ground footings. The floor of the garage comes after the foundation.

It is important for your garage floor to be square and level with a slight pitched from back to front for drainage. This will make the actual building of the garage structure go smooth and seamless. The floor can be reinforced, and the surface of the floor is finished smooth. Our goal at D&G Cement Company is to provide you a quality foundation and floor for you to build your garage on.

D&G Cement Co. - Concrete Garage Floors / Foundations

Garage Floor Replacement

Attached Garage

If you have an existing garage with a tired failing floor it can be replaced with new concrete. Typical for metro Detroit, attached garages are more prone to sinking and collapse because it located near the home’s foundation. The earth near a home’s foundation often settles, when this happens the garage floor has no underground support, this almost always leads to garage floor problems. D&G Cement Company can fix these issues by first removing the old concrete, we then fill with a new gravel base, followed by thorough compaction, especially near the foundation. We then install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from passing through, then we pour the concrete with fiber mesh reinforcement.

Detached Garage

If you have a detached garage with a failing floor and a shifting garage structure this often a sign of a foundation issue. Most solutions begin with garage floor being cut out, removed, and then replaced leaving only the floor underneath the walls of the garage. If the garage structure is good but the floor and the foundation are the problem a garage can be carefully lifted and replumbed while in place. Then the floor can be completely removed and the foundation can be underpinned saving the structure. D&G Cement Co. provides exceptional value and performance in all our concrete projects and especially when it comes to garage and foundation work.

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