Stamped & Decorative Concrete

Stamped & Decorative Concrete Services with D&G Cement Co.

Stamped and Decorative concrete is a great way to elevate the look of your walk or patio and still get all the durability, strength, and resilience that standard concrete has to offer. The stamped concrete process is where we modify standard concrete by pressing a pattern into the surface.

We offer many varieties to choose from but the most popular forms of stamped or decorative styles tend to be brick paver or slate stone patterns. Also, multiple colors can be added to the concrete to match your home or surroundings. Another popular application for stamped concrete is along the driveway or a walkway up to the house entryway

D&G Cement Co. - Stamped / Decorative Concrete

Exposed aggregate is another type of decorative concrete our company offers, considered to be a more classic style. The process uses many colorful earth-tone pea pebble aggregates exposed on the surface of the concrete, sealed with a high gloss sealant, creating a unique look.

Finally, if you want something different or unique for your concrete that can be achieved in many cost-effective ways by adding a color or changing the shape of the patio or walk. D & G Cement Company is here to help you through the planning of your stamped and decorative concrete project employing on our 50+ years of experience to make your goals a reality.

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