Concrete Driveways with D&G Cement

D&G Cement Company is your local expert on concrete driveways. Driveways are an important part of everyday life and can be designed to add convenience to many daily situations. A brand-new driveway can add curb appeal and increase your house’s value.

Driveways are not just for parking but also a place for your children to play. When installed correctly driveways guide rainwater away from the house this will protect your basement from unwanted flooding. Adding a little extra space or widening the driveway can make simple tasks like unloading the groceries or washing the car more convenient and easier.

Situations that motivate people to replace their driveways often involve dire circumstances like continually hitting your driveways uneven sections with a snowblower or snow shovel, space needed for a newly licensed driver, cancelation of insurance, a graduation party, or a city citation.

Cement Driveways

Cement Driveways Process

When installing your new driveway we complete all the necessary steps, use the top materials, to get the best results. We begin by removing and hauling the old concrete, old subgrade, and any or any unsuitable soil. We add a new base that will support your driveway for years to come. The new base will be compacted several times to make sure your base is solid and secure. The concrete poured will be a “6 bag mix” or greater. More importantly the “mix” will be designed specifically to withstand harsh Michigan winters.

To improve the durability and prevent cracks we offer reinforcement options like monofilaments known as “fiber mesh” or more traditional reinforcement known as wire mesh which is made of steel. Our goal is to provide the customer with a high-quality finished driveway engineered to look good and last for years.

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