Concrete Porches with D&G Cement

Porches are often located on the front of the home, the top landing is typically the same height of the main floor of the residence. Porches not only provide protection from sun and rain but also act as an extended living space for the home during pleasant weather. A larger porch can accommodate chairs or benches, tables, plants, and other traditional furnishings.

D&G Cement Co. - Concrete Porches

Cement Porches in Michigan

D&G Cement can build your porches with brick, block, decorative block, and colored block. Brick porches are most utilized when the house has brick on its exterior. The top of the porch as known as a cap is usually made of poured concrete.

We can replace your old porch “as is” or enlarge it by extending its foundation. Steps are frequently used in the porch construction; they can be poured to your specific dimensions or they can be the more standard “precast” style. Often ignored your porch is one of the first things guests see when they walk up to your home and once rebuilt it can be a great inexpensive way to freshen up the exterior.

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