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We’ve been in business for 50 years! Family-owned and operated since 1967!

We use a “ready-mix” concrete provider.  “Ready-mix” means the concrete arrives at the job site premixed and ready to pour.

We use a 6-bag mix for all our cement applications. This means there are six bags of cement powder per cubic yard of concrete. The mix is required to meet a minimum of 4000 psi within 28 days of curing.

Cement must be a minimum of 4” thick for all applications except for approaches and sidewalk slabs that are a part of the driveway; they must be 6” in depth minimum.

The best base material available is “21AA Crushed Concrete,” the process of recycling concrete creates several sizes of aggregate and a very fine powder that when compacted creates a strong base. If the sub-base fails, then concrete will fail regardless of its strength and quality.

Yes, we are licensed and we are fully insured. Never let a non-insured/ non-licensed contractor work on your property because you the homeowner will be liable for any injuries or accidents.

It takes 1-2 days depending on the size and difficulty of the project. We have a large crew with all the equipment necessary to complete your project in a timely manner. (Not just you but your neighbors will appreciate that too!).

Saw cutting is important! It helps to control where your cement cracks. The saw cuts are very narrow and only 1.5”-2” deep. It takes the place of using too many expansion joints in the concrete. They also add a nice aesthetic look by dividing the cement into slabs.

We offer standard, rubber and vinyl expansion joints.

Generally the next day, but in colder temperatures it may need additional time.

You can drive on your new driveway in 10-14 days. When temperatures are colder, 2 full weeks is recommended.

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