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D & G Cement Co.D & G Cement Company is proudly family-owned and operated. The company was founded by Franco and Vincenzo, two brothers who immigrated from Italy in the 1960s. They settled in metro-Detroit because they recognized that a thriving automotive industry and a booming economy presented unique business opportunities.

Like many other Italian immigrants, they brought with them a bottle of Chianti, an old-school work ethic, and a drive to chase the “American Dream.” Frank and Vince spent several years learning the concrete trade while working for other companies. In the spring of 1967, they bought a Ford F-100 pickup truck, two wheelbarrows, some simple tools, and started what is now a 50 plus year tradition of quality and excellence. The goals of the company were basic in principle but important: Do an outstanding job; use above-average concrete mix; identify customer needs; and exceed their expectations. This approach has guided countless jobs over the last 50 years and has made all the difference.

Frank and Vince found that a pleased customer would recommend them to countless others and because of that the company grew. The company is currently run by the second generation of the same family and maintains its family’s core values. We proudly and methodically continue the work our father and uncle started.

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