Stamped & Decorative Concrete, Can You Paint It?

Stamped & decorative concrete is a popular alternative to plain cement structures. Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned, embossed, or textured. This can be made to look like tile, wood, brick, slate and more without having to use those materials. Decorative concrete is made to enhance the aesthetics of the space, and can be stamped, overlaid, polished, stained and more. The cement, or concrete, is used as a base to keep it’s durable and lasting qualities and then stamped or designed to look like something else.

A very common question that is asked about stamped & decorative concrete is whether it can or should be painted. Since cement is a porous material it actually holds paints very well. If the concrete is properly prepped and the paint is properly applied it can last for years. Paint can be sprayed, rolled, or hand painted. Depending on the amount of relief in the design of the concrete to be painted some methods are better than others, this depends on the specific project. There are specially formulated paints that are perfect for concrete, these can be purchased readily and the painting does not take long at all.

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