Cement Porch, How Does The Cold Affect It?

If you are having a new cement porch put in in the colder months, or If you had one put in when it was warm but are now worried about the effect the chilly weather will have on it don’t worry. Cement, or concrete, can be poured in the winter and it will cure. It will take a little longer than having it poured while the temperature is higher, because the concrete needs to crystalize which is faster in higher temperatures. If you had one put in and are worried about possible negative effects due to weather, again I wouldn’t worry. Concrete is made to last and unless the temperatures drop below freezing and stay there the concrete will be fine.

There is always a chance that the concrete can crack, if it is exposed to very hot temperatures and then very cold temperatures quickly this can occur. This is not a normal occurrence, so it isn’t anything to worry about. The older the cement porch the more susceptible it is to cracking however. Since the weather changes gradually and not sharply any cement porch poured at any time of year should be fine as long as the right precautions are taken.

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