Concrete Driveway, Can It Be Resurfaced?

Concrete driveway resurfacing is a wonderful way to renew your current driveway without having to go through the effort, time, and money of replacing the entire thing. Resurfacing is basically taking the top layer of cement off and replacing it to look and function like new. This method is preferred for customers who want to save money, as it gives you a driveway that looks and functions just like new at a fraction of the cost of completely replacing it. Unless there are underlying issues, such as problems with the foundation or ground, the resurfacing process will last for a long time.

Concrete Driveways can be resurfaced, just like any concrete walkway, patio, porch, or structure can. As long as the concrete is prepped correctly and the resurfacing is done professionally and correctly, there should not be any problems. You can even get patterns or crazy colors, which is a great way to spruce it up even more without a crazy cost. Resurfacing is a bit of a middle ground between getting repairs, which are temporary and don’t last long, and completely replacing it, which is expensive and time consuming.

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