Garage Floors and Foundations – The Best Option

Garage Floors and Foundations Tips

Garage floors and foundations are one of the most important parts of a building for long-term use. When starting to build, the foundation is designed with the weather and soil conditions in mind. There are three types of foundations and the professionals at D&G Cement Co. will properly examine your garage floors and foundations of your property to know how to address any problems. 

Durable Garage Floors and Foundations

Cement garage floors and foundations are considered one of the best options due to their durability and easy to clean. The key to a great foundation is the ground preparation. Preparation starts with removing the topsoil, adding the right amount of gravel and having it compacted. Our team of professionals will make sure to give you the highest quality of concrete and the right mix depending on building code requirements, expansion joints along the edges of the garage floor and the proper finishing. 

Garage Floors and Foundations From D&G Cement Co.

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