Cement Porch, The Best Ways to Update

Is your cement porch in need of a make-over? A lot of the time the first thing someone sees when entering a home is the porch, and the curb appeal of your home can have an impact on the selling of it as well. There are many different ways to update a cement porch, you can completely remove and rebuild it, give it a face lift, and many more. There are even stamped concrete options available if you don’t want to just have a plain slab.

One of the best ways to update a porch is to use the aforementioned stamped concrete method, this will allow you to have the durability and sustainability of cement without losing the aesthetic value of the space. Another way to update would be to build a new one in a different shape, or add railings and a walkway. Having a porch made from cement not only looks good but also lasts a long time and is more cost effective than most alternatives.

Are you interested in updating a cement porch for your home or business? If you are thinking about it you should schedule an appointment to talk about our many products and options. Here at D & G Cement Co. we’ve been providing outstanding cement services for over 50 years to the metro Detroit area. Our porch services include, designing, pouring, and sealing. To learn more about concrete porches and the rest of our products and services give us a call at (313) 277-2676.

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