What is Cement Polishing?

Cement polishing is a technique that grinds down cement to give it a polished finish. The process involves the use of chemicals and tools that consist of diamond grits that grind down the concrete to give it the look you want. Through this process, we are able to remove blemishes and coating and smooth the cement.

Cement polishing can also be accompanied with stains or dyes that can change or enhance the color of your cement. Cement can be polished in a way that produces a glossy, mirror-like finish that will reflect natural light. You can choose to embed your cement with patterns, detail and even objects within to make it that much more interesting.

If you work in a commercial building or a warehouse, you might want to consider cement polishing in order to create a more finished look, while also creating a durable, sustainable flooring unit for your building. Polished cement is usually non-slip and will reduce the presence of dust and allergens. It lasts long, is easy to clean and won’t chip or dent when heavy objects are pulled across it.

During the process of cement polishing, the professional will use materials already available – they will grind down the cement in your home or building to give it the finish you desire. The professional may apply sealant to protect the cement from the inside out and reduce the need to coat the top. This also allows the cement to harden and reduce future problems from occurring. You can then choose to add decorative design to the top of your cement, when finished. There are various methods and materials used to polish cement, so if you think you might be interested, give us a call today!

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