How Long Do Cement Patios Last?

Cement patios are built to last and withstand heavy traffic and pressure over time. They are an affordable choice and come in various styles and sizes to fit the aesthetic and demand of any space. Cement patios provide significant value and durability compared to alternatives. They can provide additional outdoor living space to entertain guests. They can last 30 to 50 years when installed and maintained correctly. Although they are incredibly durable, ground shifts, extreme weather conditions, and exposure to chemicals could shorten the lifespan of cement patios.

Do Cement Patios Add Value?

Cement patios can increase the value of a home when selling and increase the number of interested buyers. If you aren’t interested in selling any time soon, cement patios can provide a great home addition that reflects your style and adds more space. Cement patios require minimal maintenance, add beauty to a home, and offer a unique look that complements the home. They can be an excellent investment that lasts for decades and provides a high return on investment.

Cement Patio With D&G Cement Co. 

If you are interested in a cement patio for your property in Dearborn Heights, MI, Plymouth, MI, Northville, MI, or the surrounding areas, D&G Cement Co. can help you. With over 50 years of experience, we know cement and can work with it better than anyone else in the area, no matter what. Our family-owned and operated business uses cutting-edge techniques to correctly and efficiently complete the job. As a fully licensed and insured cementing company, you can trust our team to provide quality work and provide you with a free estimate. To learn more about us or to receive an over-the-phone estimate, call us at (313) 277-2676 or contact us online.

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