Garage Floor and Foundation, What Are They?

Garage floor and foundation are typically made of concrete, as concrete is durable and easy to maintain. However, in order to preserve your garage floors from oil spills, tread marks and footfall, it’s a good idea to provide a better foundation for your garage. You can choose to coat or cover your garage floors to protect it from external forces. Foundations are also very important to the structure of the garage, just having a floor isn’t the same thing, foundations provide support for the walls and roof and allow the garage to be free standing.

Garage Floor and Foundation are essential to the structure of the garage. Cement foundations typically come in three types, T-shaped, Slab-on-grade, and Frost Protected. T-shaped foundations are the most traditional, a footing is placed below the frost line and then walls are built on top, the footing is wider than that wall which provides a base. Slab-on-grade foundations are a single layer of concrete that is several inches thick, the edges are poured thicker to provide stability and metal rods are added for support. Frost Protected foundations are only used in heated floors, and uses polystyrene insulation to prevent freezing.

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