How Long Does a Cement Driveway Last?

A cement driveway lasts an average of 25-30 years if properly maintained. Regular inspections twice a year can increase its longevity, keeping it functional and attractive for a longer period. With regular inspections, you can identify problems and solve them before they become a more expensive or irreversible issue. Cement driveways will typically outlast any other common type of driveways such as gravel or asphalt. Although it is important to keep an eye on your cement driveway and do inspections twice a year, cement driveways are relatively maintenance-free. These benefits make cement driveways the most common for homeowners. 

How Thick Are Cement Driveways?

Cement driveways are typically around 4-inches thick, which is enough to comfortably hold the weight of a car. People who are planning on carrying heavier loads on the driveway often opt for 5 or 6-inch thick cement to provide it with more strength. As for the width of the driveway, single care driveways should be 8 to 9 feet wide. This number can vary widely based on the site in which the driveway is being placed and the purpose for the driveway. Double car driveways are doubled in width. 

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