Steps in Building a Foundations

There are quite a few steps in making sure a foundation is built correctly. First, you must pick the site. When doing so you, your builder, or designer must investigate the soil. If the soil is not in good condition it will require other material to be used before the foundation is built to ensure no problems occur in the future. Next, you must have your lot surveyed, to have a clear drawing of the boundaries and dimensions. Then you may start digging and install the footing. Next, you must seal the footing from moisture and if building a basement you must concrete blocks to create stem walls. Finally, you must add another layer of sealer on the concrete to protect it from moisture. 

How to Maintain Your Garage Floor Foundations?

There are many ways to ensure your garage floor foundation stays in good condition, some ways are cheaper than others, but the best and most common way is to use polyaspartic floor coating. Unlike most coatings that stay on the surface, this penetrates deep into the concrete creating a stronger foundational bond, which will protect the concrete from harsh weather, chemicals, or any other elements that may cause damage. 

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