Protecting Your Concrete Walks & Porches

Sealing your concrete walkway and porch will protect it from abrasion and exposure to harsh weather conditions. As your concrete ages, it will begin to wear away over time. Sealing it will reduce the porosity of the concrete and help prevent permanent staining or long-term damage. Protecting your walkways and porches is very important especially during the colder winter months.

How to Seal Concrete Walks & Porches

First, wash the entire surface of your porch or walkway using a pressure washer. This will help remove debris, residue, and oil from the concrete surface. Muriatic acid can be used to remove stubborn grease and oil spots that didn’t dissolve with the pressure washer. Leave the acid on a spot for 10 minutes then gently hose the area to remove it. Leave the walkway or porch to dry for at least two days before applying a sealant. To apply an even coat of sealant, pour the sealer into a handheld pump sprayer. Begin spraying in even left to right strokes until you cover the entire surface. After the area is entirely covered, avoid walking on the concrete surface for a minimum of 8 hours to let it dry. Block off or cover the area to prevent any disturbance for at least 24hrs. You can repeat the application process for a second coat if your concrete surface is highly porous.

Porches and Walkways with D&G Cement Co.

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