Different Types Of House Porches

Porches For Any Season

Your porch is an extension of your living space. Porches have never gone out of style, whether it is oriented in the backyard or front yard people still enjoy their porches. Whether you have a screened porch, wraparound porch or a front porch design with great curb appeal your porch is a great spot to start your morning with a cup of coffee or wind down after a long day. If you are looking to design a new porch for your home it is important to consult a professional to ensure it is designed correctly.

Types Of Porches

The most common type is an open porch which is associated with the front yard often with wide steps. Another style that you often see in older homes is the wraparound style that wraps around the entire house or at least one corner of the house. In popular areas with four seasons and lots of mosquitoes houses tend to have screened porches that give you that fresh air experience even when it is raining. Lastly, there is a covered porch style, such as sun rooms with lots of windows that let in fresh air. With a porch you can bring your design ideas and add beautiful porch decor to make your outdoor sitting area perfect. Adding a porch swing or a rocking chair for those beautiful relaxing evenings adds charm to your outdoor space. When searching for front porch ideas you will see all types of styles to enhance your porch. Adding coffee tables, potted plants, string lights and outdoor couches add style to your porch, similar to how your home is designed.

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