Patios – Should I Get One Now?

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Patios have become a staple of midwestern life. Almost every homeowner and business owner has a patio behind their property. Patios allow you to enjoy the weather outside without sinking into the grass or mud. Michiganders know that our weather is unpredictable, one day could be sunny, the next is a downpour, and then scorching hot, patios allow you to enjoy the weather even if the lawn has taken a beating the day before.

Should you get a patio now? That depends. If you need one now, then yes. If you can wait, it would be better to do that. While you can install cement patios in the winter there is more chance of problems. Since the weather is cold it takes the cement longer to cure, or harden, which can lead to potential problems. If you have it installed in the warmer months, it will cure faster, and you can avoid those potential problems.

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Are you interested in learning more about installing a cement patio for your residential or commercial property? If you are thinking about it, you should schedule an appointment to talk about our many products, services, and options. Here at D & G Cement Co. we’ve been providing outstanding cement services for over 50 years to the metro Detroit area. Our services include, designing, pouring, and sealing cement. To learn more about patios, garage floors and foundations, driveways and the rest of our top-quality cement products and services or to schedule an appointment give us a call at (313) 277-2676 or contact us online.

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