Pros Of A Cement Driveway

Cement Driveway Information

Cement driveway can have a wide variety of options that can make a big difference in your home’s landscaping and curb appeal. Cement is great for driveway surface for long term, preferred durability and proper maintenance. The quality of a good cement driveway always begins with good planning. The suggested width for a single car driveway is eight to nine feet and for double width it is 15 to 18 feet. In the more recent years people are stepping away from the plain concrete and choosing decorative concrete or painted concrete as a reasonable way to enhance the entrance of their home.

Installing Your Cement Driveway

Installing a cement driveway begins with removing grass or any other vegetation to ensure soil foundation. Wood forms are installed around the intended driveway and then gravel is added, graded and compacted. Once that is finished then reinforcement driveway material is added on top, which consists of a steel wire grid that is laid in a criss-cross pattern across the area. After this process, the driveway is now ready to have concrete poured. This process generally takes a team to fill the forms and smooth everything out. One of the most important parts once all that work is done is the curing. This is the process that cement goes through to “dry” but instead it goes through a slow chemical process that hardens and strengthens the material. For good results, the curing should be done in ideal weather which is around 70 degrees with a damp surface.

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