Garage Floors and Foundations, Potential Problems in Winter

Garage Floors and Foundations, Potential Problems in Winter

Can Winter Change Garage Floors and Foundations?

Garage floors and foundations can be made from various building materials such as cement, slate, stone, brick pavers and many more. However, these materials are not all equal. Cement and brick pavers are both durable and more economical, but pavers are not as versatile as cement is. Cement and concrete can be shaped, stamped, colored, patterned and more to look like materials such as slate, stone, pavers and more without losing its structural integrity and durability. Building materials like slate and stone look good but are fragile and more prone to breaking than others like cement or brick pavers.

Garage floors and foundations made from cement are the more durable and affordable option when it comes to your home, but can there be problems in the winter? Cement, or concrete, is made to last and unless temperatures drop to below freezing, and stay there for a significant amount of time, it should be fine. Cement can sometimes crack in the winter if it wasn’t poured and sealed correctly. It is important to make sure your cement contractor takes all of the necessary precautions. Garages get a lot of foot traffic in the summer and winter (all seasons really) so this by itself does not affect it.

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