Is a Concrete Patio Cheaper than a Deck?

Concrete patios are generally cheaper than decks. A concrete patio is generally cheaper to make because the cost of concrete is less than the cost of wood or stone needed to build a deck, the cost of labor is higher for decks compared to concrete patios, and concrete patios require less maintenance than decks. Both concrete patios and decks can increase a property’s curb appeal and value. Concrete patios generally have a longer life expectancy and are cheaper than wood decks. 

How Long Do Concrete Patios Last?

Properly maintained concrete patios typically last around 30 years. Even with proper maintenance, the lifespan of concrete patios can vary greatly depending on the climate. Colder climates are harsher on concrete patios and can deteriorate them much faster than 30 years. Concrete patios in mild climates can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. Concrete patios eventually wear out past the point of repair and need to be replaced. Sunken concrete patios can cause cracks to appear, posing the danger of tripping or falling. Uneven patios can accumulate moss, dirt, ice, water, and more. 

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