Concrete Patio In Westland, MI

Concrete patios are great for numerous reasons including that they have a very long lifespan, are extremely durable, and withstand harsh weather conditions. A concrete patio is more affordable than a stone or brick patio, yet you still have the option of designing it any way you like to replicate any stone, brick, or wood-look you would like. 

What Choose A Concrete Patio?

There are a variety of concrete patio designs to choose from which include coloring or staining the concrete or choosing stamped patterns, and much more. There is an unlimited option for designing your pretty patio, including stamped or engraved patterns to replicate other paving material such as stone, brick, tile, or slate. Also, a concrete patio is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance. It provides you with the perfect area for your morning coffee or evening entertainment with family and friends at an affordable price. 

Cost Of Concrete Patio

The cost of a concrete patio will vary depending on location, the condition of the property, the design, and the material. A property that requires a lot of labor beforehand for demolitions and removal of material will cost much more than an area that is ready to break ground. The average cost of a cement patio can cost about 15 dollars per square foot including labor and material. Other things that may affect the cost of the patio may be the size, shape, thickness of the slab, and if multiple levels are needed. By adding a cement patio you may be increasing the value and enhancing the appearance of your home.

Concrete Patio With D&G Cement Co. In Westland, MI

If you are in need of a new concrete patio, D&G Cement Co. in Westland, MI is the company that will handle that job. With over 50 years of experience, we promise to give all our customers high-quality work to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Our services include designing, pouring, and sealing cement. Schedule an appointment today to talk about our many products, services, and options. To learn more about our top-quality cement products and services or to schedule an appointment give us a call at (313) 277-2676.

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