Stamped Concrete, What Is It?

People often use concrete for driveways, outdoor patios, garages or indoors in warehouses or large spaces. Concrete is a great alternative for flooring because it is easier to maintain and is more durable than other flooring options. It can also withstand heavy objects being dragged or driven over and heavy foot traffic. Concrete typically minimizes dust, which is great for maintaining allergies and is easy to clean – simply hose it down with some soap and water. Your concrete driveway or patio may need to be pressure washed on occasion, but that is typically the extent of the cleaning.

Not only does concrete make an efficient flooring option, but it can also be decorated to accommodate your needs and desires. Concrete can be dyed a multitude of colors, from neutral grays and browns to vibrant colors such as purple and blue. It can be textured, patterned or stamped. It can be given a marble-like appearance or can be made to look like brick.

Stamping your concrete means you are texturizing or embossing it to look like another type of material, such as brick, wood, tile, slate or stone. This is often used outdoors for patios and pool decks. Stamped concrete is a less expensive option than brick or slate, but can be made to look just as great. It is much more durable and can handle weather and foot traffic over the years. Stamping your concrete involves first coloring it a base color, then adding more colors as necessary. Then it would be stamped with whatever pattern you desire, and finally sealed to protect it from weather and other elements. Stamped concrete is long-lasting and won’t have to be retouched too often.  By imprinting a pattern into your concrete, you can have a fabulous looking patio without the price or maintenance. Call us today at (313) 277-2676.

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