Should I Consider a Concrete Driveway For My Property?

A concrete driveway is the most popular type of driveway due to their attractive appearance, high durability, and low maintenance. They are dependable, long-lasting, and versatile. They come in various styles to increase the home’s curb appeal and value. They make many daily activities more convenient and provide additional space for parking and outdoor gatherings. The value and longevity that concrete driveways provide make them well worth the cost for many homeowners. Concrete driveways can withstand many harsh Michigan winters and can be reinforced for the best results.

Should My Concrete Driveway be Reinforced?

A concrete driveway may need to be reinforced with monofilaments known as “fiber mesh” or more traditional reinforcement known as wire mesh if the expected weight that it will hold justifies the need for reinforcement. Fiber mesh is placed down before the concrete is poured to reinforce the concrete and enhance its performance. Wire mesh is a less expensive and easier way to reinforce a concrete driveway, but it is considered slightly weaker than fiber mesh.

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