Garage Floors & Foundations – Basics

Tips For Garage Floors and Foundations

Garage floors and foundations are a crucial part in the integrity of the building. A highly quality foundation will last many years. Garage floors and foundations are typically made from a concrete slab or a poured concrete wall. The height of the foundation wall is determined by the size of the structure above. After the foundation walls are in place, concrete is poured and formed inside the foundation frame. A vapor barrier and insulation are placed with wire mesh and steel bars for reinforcement.

Garage Floors and Foundations – Extras

Some garage foundations that involve extra features such as drains, heating or more designed to be installed within the foundation. Radiant heating is a good feature for garage workshops because it provides heat with no moving air, keeping the area dust free. Foundation sealers can be installed or applied during the building process to keep the garage warm and dry.

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