Time to Replace Your Garage Floor and Foundation?

Garage floors are subject to frequent use and abuse. Wear and tear from your vehicle, lawn equipment, tools, oil spills, moisture problems, and extreme temperature changes can leave your concrete garage floor tiles damaged over time. When you start to see any signs of damage such as cracking, sinking, or crumbling call a professional garage floor and foundation company.

When to Replace Your Garage Floor or Foundation

It is important to call a professional cement company as soon as you see any signs that your garage’s foundation or floor is compromised. While you may be able to patch up any small cracks or holes it is likely only a temporary fix. Patching up these seemingly small fractures in the floor only hides cracks and can cover up a larger underlying issue. If the concrete slabs on your floor are shifting and sinking, it is a good indication that your foundation needs to be repaired.  It is best to have an experienced contractor perform an inspection and assess any damage to your garage floor and foundation. They will be able to tell you whether or not you need to replace your floor or foundation. 

Garage Floors and Foundations with D&G Cement Co.

At D&G Cement Co. we take pride in our work with over 50 years of experience and being your local Southeast Michigan concrete experts. We can inspect your floor and foundation and replace it if needed. We handle jobs both large and small. If you are concerned about your garage floor and want to know about our garage flooring options, you can reach us at (313) 277-2676 or contact us online.  

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D&G Cement Co. has the skill, experience and use only the most cutting-edge techniques which make us the only choice for all your concrete needs. Request an Estimate today!

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