Patios, The Best Type of Concrete Design

Concrete is a great option for flooring because it is easier to maintain and is more durable than other flooring options. Concrete typically minimizes dust, which is great for maintaining allergies and is easy to clean – simply hose it down with some soap and water. It can also withstand heavy objects being dragged or driven over and heavy foot traffic. Not only does concrete make an efficient flooring option, but it can also be decorated to accommodate your needs and desires. Patios can be designed in many ways, from ornate or elaborate to a simple gray slab for those who prefer function over aesthetics.

Cement patios can be customized to look however you would like. There are endless color options when it comes to dying cement, from grays to browns to blues. It can be dyed, stamped, textured, patterned and more. You can choose to get a cement patio stamped, or imprinted, to look like almost any other type of material, such as wood, stones or slate, giving your floor a sophisticated look without the cost and maintenance associated with these types of materials. Since there are endless designs available for your cement patio, it is easy to let your imagination soar and produce something truly unique.

Are you interested in concrete patios and designs for your home or business? If you are thinking about it you should schedule an appointment to talk about our many products, costs and options. Here at D & G Cement Co. we’ve been providing outstanding concrete services for over 50 years to the metro Detroit area. Our concrete patio services include, designing, pouring, and sealing. To learn more about patios, cement floors, foundations and the rest of our products and services give us a call at (313) 277-2676.

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