Stamped Decorative Concrete Benefits

Stamped Decorative Concrete Options

Stamped decorative concrete can enhance any area at home. It allows you to be able to customize with shape, texture and color options. Stamped decorative concrete offers great durability and less maintenance due to the way it is poured. Unlike paver stone, stamped concrete is flat making it safer and easier to walk on without tripping on uneven areas. It also requires less labor to pour and stamp the concrete whereas setting each paver can take a long time. 

Stamped Decorative Concrete Creativity

With the stamping process it makes the concrete resemble other materials such as brick, stone, tile or slate but at a cheaper cost. You have the option to achieve an antique look by adding a “highlight” color and then a waterproof powder that will keep the stamp from sticking to the concrete. Once the stamps are removed then, the next day the concrete has hardened properly. Then a clear sealer is applied to the concrete to protect and enhance the color. 

Stamped Decorative Concrete From D&G Cement Co.

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