Porches VS Patios

What Are Porches?

Porches are an outdoor structure with a roof that is usually opened at the sides. Porches are attached to the side of a residence property and can protect the entrance or serve as a hang out place for the homeowners. Homeowners tend to use their porches for fresh air or a resting place with their friends and families. When people are visiting your home, your porch is one of the first things people will notice from your home. Luckily, porches not only look good but they are also durable and cost effective. They are easy to maintain, long-lasting and can be customizable to fit your wants and needs.

What Are Patios?

Patios can be attached to your home or detached. They can also have a roof but it is more versatile than a porch and usually is much larger in size. With patios you have the option to completely customize it to fit your outdoor space. You are able to choose if you want cement, stamped concrete or stone and more.  You have the freedom of choosing the shape and size considering the type of activities that will be taking place.

Porches From D&G Cement Co.

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