How Thick Are Cement Driveway Replacements?

A standard residential cement driveway should be at least 4 inches thick to support the weight of vehicles. Increasing the thickness of your driveway from four to five inches will add concrete cost but increase the structural strength of your driveway. Fiber mesh and wire mesh can provide support to the cement driveway without increasing thickness. Most residential concrete driveways are 4 inches. Commercial driveways can be six to eight inches to support construction equipment and industrial trucks. 

What Makes A Good Cement Driveway Replacement?

Before cement driveways are placed, the soil or foundation on which it is laid may need to be replaced with a stronger material to reduce the risk of the driveway cracking or becoming uneven in the future. A new base can support the driveway replacement and provide a solid and secure foundation. Fiber mesh and wire mesh can provide additional reinforcement to your driveway replacement. Proper preparation, installation, materials, and maintenance are keys to ensuring a long life for your driveway replacement. 

Cement Driveway Replacement With D&G Cement Co. 

If you’re looking for a cement driveway replacement in Plymouth, MI, Garden City, MI, Northville, MI, or the surrounding areas, you can trust D&G Cement to help you. With over 50 years of experience in the cement industry, we provide our customers with a high-quality finished driveway engineered to look good and last for years. We have the skills to identify customer needs, ensure the job is done correctly, and exceed their expectations. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (313) 277-2676 or contact us online.

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