What is a Cement Patio?

Patios can come in all different varieties of material and appearance. A cement patio is just that, a cement recreational space typically found in a home’s backyard. The word patio comes from the Spanish word meaning “courtyard.” Typically, a patio is well-understood in the USA as an outdoor space for dining or recreation. It is commonly mistaken for a porch, which is an elevated recreation space.  Often, these recreational spaces are used for entertaining family and friends, relaxing, and outdoor grilling. Cement patios can be a perfect addition to any home, adding to the property value as well as providing a great recreational area.

Cost of a Cement Patio

The cost of a new cement patio can be hard to calculate. There are a lot of factors that influence the price of a professional doing the work. Often, the price per square foot decreases as the area of the patio increases. The design of the patio also adds to the price, adding curves to the patio would increase the price because of the complexity. Creating a pattern on top such as stone or other textures will certainly add to the cost. The cost of a cement patio is influenced by all of these factors. In the end, there is no set price for a cement patio. One should look for a professional company to give them an estimate on exactly what they want.

Cement Patios with D & G Cement Co.

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