Porches VS Patios

What Are Porches? Porches are an outdoor structure with a roof that is usually opened at the sides. Porches are attached to the side of a residence property and can protect the entrance or serve as a hang out place for the homeowners. Homeowners tend to use their porches for fresh air or a resting [...]

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Stamped Decorative Concrete Ideas

Stamped Decorative Concrete Design Options Stamped decorative concrete can achieve the high-end look of stone at a lower cost. The variety of colors and patterns makes it a popular choice for people to use when they want to enhance their outdoor space for driveways, patios and more. Due to their durability and weather resistance make [...]

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Cement Driveway Repair Options

Cement Driveway Options Generally speaking, a cement driveway will last you a long time. However, there are conditions that can shorten the lifespan of your driveway causing it to crack, have settlement issues or discolorations. Michigan’s harsh weather conditions can cause these cement driveway issues to occur. Sometimes rather than ripping out the cement and [...]

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